The Forest Solutions Group (FSG) provides business leadership in expanding sustainable forest solutions to meet the needs of people now and in the future. It is the leading platform for strategic collaboration for the global forest-based industry and its value chain partners  – driving scalable business solutions to advance sustainable development. 

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Recommendations on Biomass Carbon Neutrality
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Future from Fibre: from forest to finished products
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Facts & Trends: Forests, Forest Products, Carbon and Energy
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The Sustainable Forest Products Industry, Carbon and Climate Change – Key Messages for Policy-Makers
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PwC WBCSD Sustainable Forest Finance Toolkit
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Engagement & Tools
  Sustainable Procurement Guide for wood- and paper-based products
The WRI WBCSD SP guide can help you buy wood and paper products from sustainably managed forests
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  The Forests Dialogue
(TFD) is an independent platform and process to build stakeholder alliances and jointly address forest resource challenges.
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  Forest Finance Toolkit
The PwC WBCSD Sustainable Forest Finance Toolkit can help you screen your investments for significant direct and indirect impacts on forests
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Executive Brief
Sustainable Forest Management is key to global sustainability

WBCSD’s new Infographic on Forests highlights the importance of ALL forests - the Forest Continuum - and sustainable forest management in meeting the increasing demand for wood, fiber, fuel and food.

Discover the Forest Continuum Infographic
Membership Principles
  Membership Principles & Responsibilities
As a sign of shared commitment to sustainable development, member companies of the Forest Solutions Group endorse a set of 9 principles and responsibilities.
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Case studies
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Metso : fuel conversion for power boilers
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Metso : bio oil production to replace fossil fuels
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Mondi : Discovering the Ecosystem Value of Ecological Networks in Developed Landscapes
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Weyerhaeuser: Measuring and Monitoring Ecosystem Services
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Evonik: Use of Organic Synthetic Polymers in Morocco to Improve Reforestation
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Uta Jungermann
Forest Solutions Group
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