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The WBCSD began a global stakeholder assessment of the pulp and paper industry in 1994 leading to the publication of Towards a Sustainable Paper Cycle. To respond to the report’s recommendations the WBCSD established a working group shortly after.

Today, members of the FSG express their joint commitment to sustainable development through the FSG’s membership principles and responsibilities, balancing efforts between economic growth, ecological conservation and social progress.

Over time, the FSG has developed invaluable tools and resources to advance sustainable procurement, has helped the financial sector to better understand environmental and social risksrelated to the forest-based industry and has promoted the role of forests and products to mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Most recently, the FSG released a leadership statement- an unprecedented show of support from the private sector - committing to significantly scale up sustainable forest management and advance forest certification beyond its current reach and impact.

Moreover, WBCSD’s Action2020 confirms Forests & Forest Products as Carbon Sinks as a core business solutions and outlines how business can contribute to expanding sustainable forest management through responsible sourcing practices and product substitution.


Business Case

Forests sustain life in all forms. Managing forests responsibly means reducing climate change risks, providing critical ecosystem services that make life on earth possible, generating industrial wood and fiber for a very wide range of traditional products and innovative bio-product solutions, providing food and renewable energy, sustaining livelihoods and delivering recreational benefits.

Demand for wood, fiber, food and ecosystem services is increasing. Demand for wood alone is expected to triple by 2050 and deforestation continues to threaten the world’s forests and compromises the benefits forests provide.

Business worldwide rely on forests for renewable raw material for their product offerings, be that timber, energy, paper or packaging.

14 million people work in the forest-based industry globally. Forests directly affect the livelihoods of 20% of the world’s population and generate goods and services we all depend on.

To meet this growing global demand, the FSG is dedicated to bring more of the world’s forests under sustainable management and ensure that the supply of sustainable wood and other forest products continues to increase.

The FSG provides a leadership platform for strategic collaboration among value chain partners, including suppliers and producers, buyers and customers, innovation and technology partners to generate solutions and drive concerted action.

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