4th Forum on the Climate-Water-Energy Security Nexus

On June 12, 2014, the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the WBCSD hosted the 4th Forum on the Climate-Water-Energy Security Nexus, which explored impacts of climate change on the water-energy equation and discussed the way-forward on how the energy sector can enhance its resilience to climate change.

Recognizing the impacts of climate change on water and the important role water plays in energy supply, the IEA and the WBCSD organized this meeting to advance the understanding of these issues and their policy implications. The purpose was to facilitate a dialogue among businesses and policy makers on how to jointly build the resilience of the energy sector to climate induced water stresses.

You will find below report on this event as well as the presentations.

The WBCSD has been developing several activities around the climate, water, energy nexus. More comprehensive information can be found in the following reports :

Leading power companies call for resilience in the face of climate change

Leading electric utilities, and members of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) have today called for greater resilience in the power industry in the face of climate change in a new report.

Download the Interactive Report

Read the news story here

Water, Energy and Climate Change

Water, Energy and Climate Change
The report, Water, Energy and Climate Change: A contribution from the business community, says water, energy and climate change are inextricably linked.

The WBCSD's Water Project brings together more than 60 companies from mining and metals, oil and gas, consumer products, food and beverages, infrastructure services and equipment sectors. The broad representation reflects the knowledge that all businesses will face water challenges in the years ahead.

Download the report here

Co-optimizing Solutions: water and energy for food, feed and fiber

Increasing demand for food and other agricultural products will put great strains on land, water, energy and other resources in the coming years, and also heavily impact greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. 

Action2020's Business Solutions include reducing shared water risks, increasing water efficiency in agriculture, restoring productivity to degraded land, and halving food waste from field to fork, all issues linked to the co-optimized solutions detailed in this publication.

Download the summary of the challenges 


Take a look at some of the most promising solution areas:

Download the executive summary and the interactive report

Download separately the main report and its annexes



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