Corporate Ecosystem Valuation

In April 2011, WBCSD released the Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation (CEV), which is the first of its kind, catering directly for the needs of business. It was developed through an 18-month process of close collaboration with businesses themselves – fourteen members road tested the Guide, working with four partners: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), World Resources Institute (WRI), ERM and PwC.

Companies must anticipate that ecosystem valuation will be more consistently incorporated into public policies, regulations, and political decisions. Ecosystem values will also be increasingly considered by the finance sector and business-to-business customers as they assess the biodiversity and ecosystem-related risks and opportunities of investments and supply chains.

What the Guide is:

  • A framework for improving corporate decision-making through valuing ecosystem services;
  • A set of resources to navigate through related jargon and techniques.

What the Guide is not:

  • A price list of biodiversity and ecosystem services;
  • A calculator to “crunch numbers;”
  • A stand-alone methodology.

Key messages:

  • Business depends on biodiversity and ecosystem services;
  • Business impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services;
  • CEV can help business manage risk and consider new business opportunities;
  • Valuing these impacts and dependencies helps business make better decisions;
  • Ecosystem valuation will increasingly be considered by governments, finance sector and business-to-business customers;
  • CEV process is complementary to other business tools (e.gESIAsLCAs).
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