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Tomorrow’s business leaders need the skills and competencies to cope with an increasingly complex world as well as the social and environmental challenges across a changing competitive landscape. A sustainability perspective is critical to managing relationships, bringing about change and planning for the future.

The Future Leaders Team (FLT) program is a unique professional and leadership development opportunity that aims to mold leaders for the future who understand sustainability challenges and can position these to make strategic decisions. It is designed to help upcoming business leaders grapple with the complex topics, issues and concepts that will influence their future, as well as the future of their organizations. In addition to opportunities for face-to-face interaction, the program creates a global network of dynamic business leaders, capable of acting as sustainable development ambassadors both within their companies and in society.

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Future Leaders Team 2013 Video

Participants of the WBCSD's Future Leaders Team (FLT) 2013 program explain in their own words the value of the program, which aims to mentor business leaders for the future who understand sustainability challenges and can position these to make strategic sustainable decisions for businesses and the planet.

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Future Leaders Team 2014

More and more, companies are affected by environmental urgencies, stringent environmental public policy and consumer pressures: there is a clear need to measure, manage and mitigate corporate impacts and dependencies on nature and society.

FLT 2014 will focus on Bridging the Capitals - Accounting for Natural & Social Capital in Business Decision Making. Working in group projects, participants will gain a better understanding of the importance of Social, Natural and Financial Capital, for instance by exploring how social and natural capital considerations can and should be incorporated into financial practices and corporate decision-making.

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FLT Publications
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FLT2014 Flyer
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FLT 2013 Controlling Non-Financial Reporting
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Getting Sustainability Risks onto Management’s Agenda - Moving from Theory to Opportunity
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FLT 2011 Scope 3 GHG emissions - a data roadmap
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FLT2011 Why procurement professionals should engage in supply chain sustainability
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