The WBCSD and United Nations Global Compact have been voices of progressive business for two decades, bringing key players together across issues. On the occasion of the Rio + 20 Summit, we are working together to mobilize the global business community to pledge commitments for a sustainable future. By making a commitment to action now, companies can demonstrate leadership in advancing sustainable development objectives, which will be reported on in the run up to and beyond Rio+20. “Committing to the Future We Want” is leveraging the UN wide commitments database housed on business.un.org/commitments. This database will act as the general repository for the commitments and the annual progress reports.

For the WBCSD Committing to the Future We Want is part of a set of three complementary documents/activities that completes our action plan to achieve our vision for 2050:

  • Vision 2050: our cornerstone report calling for a new agenda for business
  • Changing Pacea new report that will be launched 22 May 2012 defining a public policy framework for Vision 2050
  • Commitments to the Future We Want by member companies

The Commitments by Member companies demonstrate that business is serious about sustainability and is actively working on implementing tangible actions. 

Member Commitments

See which WBCSD Members have already made commitments:

Member Commitments

Types of Commitments

Commitments can take many forms, building on the unique strengths and capacities of each actor. For instance, businesses can change and innovate business models, provide critical goods and services, dedicate resources to social investment and philanthropy, and engage in advocacy and public policy dialogue. Some companies may begin and end in different places, but all concrete and substantive commitments can help make progress for sustainable development.

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Submit your commitment

Companies can submit their commitments using the simple online form on business.un.org/commitments under ‘make a commitment to action’. 

Further details on commitment submission guidelines & instructions can be found on business.un.org/commitments. On this page you will also find an off line form which can be used within your organisation to prepare the commitment.

Please email commitments@business.un.org or pallandt@wbcsd.org  with questions regarding commitments. 


During the implementation of their commitment, companies will be required to publicly disclose, on an annual basis, progress made towards realizing the commitment. This is to ensure that commitments have lasting impact and to protect the integrity of the UN and the Rio+20. Business.un.org will also be the place for companies to report on their progress.

This disclosure may be part of another form of annual communication to stakeholders and must include updates on progress against the targets laid out in the commitment. These accountability and integrity measures will be further developed in the lead-up to Rio+20.

Member companies must report their progress through the official business.un.org/commitments website, which provides continuously updated information on the reporting requirements and the accountability and integrity measures.

WBCSD will regularly communicate about the progress made by our member companies to the Commitments to the Future We Want initiative.

In addition, all commitments made ahead of Rio+20 and linked to its agenda will be included in an online compendium of commitments on the Rio+20 website (www.uncsd2012.org).

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