BCSD Singapore

Executive Director

Constant Van Aerschot

Background information
The Business Council for Sustainable Development Singapore was founded by 6 forward-thinking companies and started its operations January 2013. Peter Bakker, present at the inaugural launch, said: “I am delighted to welcome the BCSD Singapore to our family of partner organizations around the globe. Singapore is renowned for its dynamism, and its innovative and progressive approach to business. This city state has made an impressive commitment to sustainability, from using fewer resources and producing less waste, to preserving green spaces and waterways. We look forward to making great strides with our new Regional Network partner.” Earlier, the Singapore Governement welcomed the establishment of a BCSD Singapore in a speech given by Mr S. Iswaran, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office & Second Minister for Home Affairs & Second Minister for Trade & Industry.


  • To provide business leadership as a catalyst for change towards sustainable development, and to
  • To support the business licence to operate, innovate and grow in a world increasingly shaped by sustainable development issues


  • Business Leadership: to be a leading business advocate on sustainable development
  • Policy Development: to participate in policy development to create the right framework conditions for business to make an effective contribution towards sustainable development
  • Business Case: to develop and promote the business case for sustainable development
  • Best Practices: to demonstrate the business contribution to sustainable development and share leading edge practices among members
  • Outreach: to contribute in shaping a sustainable future in South East Asia


  • Advocacy: Participate actively in debates to shape the policy agenda for sustainability & competitiveness
  • Project Development: by practical initiatives, rooted in independent research, to work out how critical industries can meet sustainability challenges
  • Capacity Building: initiate and promote capacity building programmes activities such as training, workshop and seminars, to accelerate the integration of sustainability in companies

Contact information
Constant Van Aerschot

Website: www.bcsd.org.sg

Region: Asia

Country: Republic of Singapore

Joined: 2013

Member companies
  • Apical Group Limited
  • Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd<
  • City Developments Limited
  • Det Norske Veritas Pte Ltd.
  • LooLa Adventure Group Ltd. Pte.
  • Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd.
  • Pan-United Corporation Ltd.
  • Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.
  • Veolia Water Technologies Pte Ltd 
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