Business is a major driver of socio-economic impact – and socio-economic impact is a major predictor of business success, especially in the long term. As a result, companies are increasingly interested in measuring their socio-economic impact for a variety of reasons, ranging from reducing cost and risk to creating and capturing new opportunities.

The WBCSD’s Measuring Impact work-program aims to help business approach the challenges of measuring and managing their impact on society. 

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Towards a Social Capital Protocol

As the practice of measuring social impact evolves and gains momentum, companies are increasingly calling for a harmonized approach for businesses to measure and value their interactions with people and society.

In response to this need, WBCSD is driving the collaborative development of the Social Capital Protocol. The Protocol aims to clarify best practice, scale up the positive impacts of business, and improve business credibility by integrating the consideration of social impacts and dependencies into performance management and decision-making.

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Measuring socio-economic impact: A guide for business

In addition to the WBCSD Measuring Impact Framework, more and more tools are being developed to help companies measure socio-economic impact, and it can be difficult for managers to compare and choose among them. The tools available today are incredibly diverse. They are based on different assumptions, they offer different functionality, they focus on different types of impact, and they suit different purposes.

The WBCSD's new publication Measuring socio-economic impact: A guide for business is intended to help companies navigate the complex landscape of socio-economic impact measurement, and select the options that work best for their business.

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WBCSD Measuring Impact Framework

Understanding the business contribution to society

The WBCSD Measuring Impact Framework, launched in 2008, was developed in collaboration with over 20 WBCSD member companies.

It is designed to help companies understand their contribution to society and use this understanding to inform their operational and long-term investment decisions, and have better conversations with stakeholders. 

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