Outcomes from Doha

The sixth global business day, Diversifying Actions for Climate Impact, jointly organized with the ICC, sponsored by Hydro, KPMG, SABIC and SHELL attracted circa 200 participants. The morning provided strong messages from business on the need for scale-up and the need to de-risk private sector in low-carbon investment focused on the energy mix scenarios for 2050. It further launched two business initiatives in support of sector efforts – the Global Electricity Initiative with WEC and GSEP and the Low-carbon technology roadmap for the Indian Cement Industry. The afternoon focused on initiatives around sustainable growth from the Gulf region.

The day

  • highlighted the science imperative for implementing business solutions climate action and proposed an option to focus on CCS and diversifying energy strategies
  • explored the diversity of options and opportunities and the advantages of partnerships and collaboration in scaling-up action
  • learned from innovative business strategies in the Gulf region
  • clarified the difficult choices to be made based on an understanding the scientific implications of the planetary boundaries which constrain us
  • pointed out the need to work with governments .

At the end of the business day WBCSD, KPMG and ICC held a Press Conference which may be viewed here.

For viewing extracts of the day please see YouTube links on side panel and also a summary of the WBCSD assessment of the Doha outcome

Read the WBCSD report on the Doha outcome

A factual report of the day by Earth Negotiations Bulletin on the Doha Business Day

Doha Global Business Day 2012

Doha Global Business Day is the premier business event at United Nations climate change conferences.  It will be the sixth global business day organized by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) during the United Nations Climate Change Conference at the Diplomatic Club, Doha, Qatar. 

Theme: The day will provide global business with the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to low-carbon economic growth, provide business perspectives on diverse on-going activities around decarbonisation and the opportunities and challenges for scaling-up actions.  At Doha where the beginnings of a post 2020 agreement are being sown, it is important to keep up the momentum for climate action as an integral part business strategy and country planning. New technologies, processes, services are being developed daily while negotiations continue. Decisions made and signals given at Doha will affect the appetite for bold business action in different sectors and different regions.

Business Day will look ahead at the business perspective of diversifying the energy mix by 2050 in the framework of global green growth, and the essential drivers to keep moving towards a global low-carbon economy. The afternoon will have a special focus on the opportunities for green growth in the Middle East. It will provide a nexus for business leaders, government officials and others in the climate community to maintain a call for action and to provide momentum towards solutions and partnerships, to counter the climate dilemma.



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