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Changing Pace is an invitation to governments, policy makers, civil society and business leaders to engage in a debate on the policies required to help achieve Vision 2050.

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Vision 2050

Vision 2050 lays out a pathway to a world in which 9 billion people live well, within the limits of one planet by mid-century. This presents the biggest economic opportunity ever. However not one that can be achieved under current mainstream business, consumption and policy conditions. The report features a set of “must haves” that need to be in place in the next decade to help set a steady course toward global sustainability. 

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Changing Pace
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Changing Pace Executive Summary
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Green Growth Accelerators

Designed to move economies toward sustainable development by or before 2050, the Green Growth Policy Accelerator relies on the interaction between seven key categories of government decisions and actions. The model includes one guiding element, an acceleration process of four elements and two elements of control.

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Public policy process

As the world’s population has hit the 7 billion mark and continues to grow, the need for decisions and action to move toward Vision 2050 is more pressing than ever. The role of business is to provide practical solutions to create this sustainable world. Solutions will best be initiated and scaled up if the right framework of public policies provides the right incentives.

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Policies for Vision 2050

Governments need to create an enabling policy framework to support companies dedicated to move faster toward sustainable development. For each of the nine elements of the pathway described in Vision 2050, we put forward clear and concrete public policy recommendations.

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