Manifesto for EEB

The EEB Manifesto is a pledge to “walk the talk” and send a strong message to the market, stakeholders & employees.

More than 100 companies have signed it.

This demonstrates that market leading companies recognize the critical role buildings play in shaping and driving the world’s energy consumption profile.

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The Roadmap to EEB

During its first phase of work from 2006 to 2010, the EEB 1 project looked into the building sector’s role within the international energy efficiency landscape.

Buildings’ energy efficiency is critically important to address climate change and EEB1 offered recommendations and roadmap to contribute to the needed wake-up call.

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Project Governance

EEB Co-chairs

  • Lafarge
  • United Technologies


  • AGC
  • AkzoNobel
  • ArcelorMittal
  • Arcadis
  • Infosys
  • Schneider Electric
  • SGS
  • Siemens
  • Skanska



The WBCSD has launched the second phase of its successful Energy Efficiency in Buildings project.

The new project, EEB 2.0, will aim at Transforming the Market for Energy Efficiency in Buildings. It will:

  • lead a replicable process of innovation and collaboration that accelerates investments in projects that produce radical improvements in energy efficiency in buildings
  • working with large building portfolio owners to identify the key barriers in the decision making process for EE measures and how they can be overcome
  • with the goal to get commitments from a wide range of decision makers to commit to launching and implementing a project within the EEB framework

This project builds on the outcomes of the first EEB project, which stated that a 40% of energy efficiency improvements can be achieved with a 5-year payback time, and additional 12% with 10-year payback… the second project aims at realizing these opportunities, working with a wide range of market actors

Bangalore EEB Laboratory, 3-5 March 2015 

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and its local partners are hosting a deep-dive workshop to support the development and implementation of ambitious, practical strategies for reducing building energy consumption in the Bangalore market.

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EEB Laboratory Poland Final Report

Building market stakeholders identified 20 actions to accelerate investments in energy efficiency in Poland’s building stock. The report entitled EEB Laboratory Poland – Collaborative action towards achieving improved energy security for Poland describes the concrete next steps.

Download the report here

WBCSD launches ‘Call to Action’ on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

WBCSD highlights action from leading companies that reduce their energy use in buildings and calls on all stakeholders – business, governments, regional and local authorities and civil society organizations – to take ambitious steps on energy efficiency in buildings and publish their actions and results

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April 2014 - Release of the EEB Manifesto magazine - An insight from companies

In this publication, 14 WBCSD members share their experiences in implementing the EEB Manifesto. Discover their successes in achieving energy savings but also their challenges!

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EEB Labs in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore
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Benelux Energy Efficiency in Buildings Laboratory - Invite
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Innovative City-Business Collaboration
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Benelux EEB Laboratory, 12-13 May 2015 in Amsterdam
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EEB Laboratory Houston
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Delphine Garin
Associate, Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Energy Efficiency in Buildings
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Roland Hunziker
Director, Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB)
Tel : +41 22 839 31 84
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