Accelerating change now

We are at a critical time - both in our journey toward a more sustainable world and in the history of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).  Although the world is starting to understand that our planet can only support about four billion people, we have already hit seven billion and are on our way to an estimated nine billion by 2050. 

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Peter Bakker’s perspectives

Over the last 20 years - ever since the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro - business has become an important voice on sustainability issues. It’s no longer simply part of the problem; it’s part of the solution, if not the driver for it. In fact, many companies worldwide have created their own innovative programs to improve their sustainability.

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Letter from Bjorn Stigson

Changing Course and Pace

In 1990, I found myself at a meeting in Bergen, Norway - the first preparatory gathering of business leaders to grapple with the new concept of sustainable development, that had been coined by the Brundtland Report three years earlier. Business was challenged to provide its perspectives to the upcoming Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992.

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Annual Review 2012

Accelerate now
2012 Annual Review

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Moving sustainability forward
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Changing Pace
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The WBCSD’s role
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WBCSD: leading the sustainability agenda
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Regional Network

Providing leadership in sustainable development worldwide

The Regional Network (RN) is a global alliance of more than 60 like-minded business organizations united by a shared commitment to providing business leadership for sustainable development in their respective countries or regions. 

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Activity reports

Development: Business solutions enabling energy access for all. Read more»

Energy & Climate: A new focus on climate resilience and the energy mix. Read more»

The Business Role: policy recommendations to support a sustainable future. Read more»

Ecosystems: policy recommendations to support a sustainable future. Read more»

Forest Solutions: expands its Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) advocacy programs and action plans. Read more»

Water: introduces new tools for corporate water stewardship. Read more»

Buildings: triggers action and implementation. Read more»

Cement: strengthening activities in China and India. Read more»

Electricity Utilities: offers new insights into energy efficiency across the value chain. Read more»

Tires: studies the health and environmental impact of tires. Read more»

Urban Infrastructure Initiative: a sustainable world needs sustainable cities. Read more»

GHG Protocol: develops new corporate value chain and product lifecycle standards. Read more»

Walk the Talk: pushing values forward internally. Read more»

Local offices

During 2011, the US team rapidly expanded its activities. Read more»

Translating the international business Perspective in local actions. Read more»

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