Building the Social Capital Protocol

Our latest publication demonstrates the significant strides made in advancing the Social Capital Protocol. The result of a collaborative process involving 15 WBCSD member companies, the publication shares insights into the first version of the Protocol – with best practice examples in the areas of employment, skills and safety.

Download the new publication: Building the Social Capital Protocol: Insights into employment, skills and safety >>

Publication: Social Capital in Decision-Making

To lay the foundations for the development of the Social Capital Protocol, our new publication brings to life how social information drives business value creation.

Drawing on the experience of 20 WBCSD members and two Global Network partners, the study puts the decision-maker at the heart of the issue and illustrates how social capital measurement and valuation can be applied to understand, demonstrate and manage business performance.

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The Social Capital Protocol

The Challenge: Consistent measurement and valuation of social impacts and dependencies

The WBCSD envisions a world where profit and loss, performance, and value creation have been redefined to integrate longer-term environmental and social impacts and dependencies.

While there is a strong drive towards integrated reporting, businesses are struggling to identify fit-for-purpose approaches which will enable them to integrate social measurement, management and valuation within their organizations. Many tools exist, and more are emerging, however they are based on different assumptions, offer different functionality, suit different purposes, and increasingly compete for uptake. Companies are left to work out for themselves the best route to follow, and are concerned that, in this complex landscape, we risk losing sight of the overarching objective of improved business sustainability.

A Call for Collaboration

The WBCSD is calling for collaboration to jointly develop a Social Capital Protocol – a harmonized solution for businesses to measure and value their interactions with people and society.

At the request of companies, we are working to consolidate the business voice and convene a platform for greater alignment across tools, frameworks and standards.

Click here to find out more and download the Call for Collaboration »

What do we mean by Social Capital?

The WBCSD defines Social Capital as the resources and relationships provided by people and society. This definition includes ‘human capital’ (skills, knowledge and wellbeing), as well as ‘societal capital’ (relationships, shared values and institutions).

Together, these resources need to be maintained and enhanced to make society more cohesive and resilient, and to make business more successful. Combining these concepts into a single term facilitates the consideration of the stocks and flows of social capital alongside financial and natural capital.

As this work progresses, we will continue to develop the concept of social capital for practical use by companies and their stakeholders.

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Towards a Social Capital Protocol – A Call for Collaboration
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