The Reporting Exchange

The Reporting Exchange is comprehensive global resource for sustainability reporting requirements and resources. This online collaborative platform connects business, investors, regulators, academics and others to reliable and expert verified information on sustainability reporting requirements and resources.

With coverage starting at 30 countries and growing constantly, the beta version of the Reporting Exchange is the most comprehensive global resource for sustainability reporting. The Reporting Exchange beta can be accessed at

The Challenge

In recent years, the reporting world is has become increasingly complex. Changing expectations of corporate performance has led to the introduction of many sustainability reporting requirements and reporting resources. While this activity can be welcomed from a sustainable development perspective, it has created a confusing reporting landscape that is actually limiting the effectiveness of reporting and making it increasingly difficult for business to respond efficiently.

The Business Case

Understanding what, how and where to report sustainability information, while keeping up with the latest developments in the sector is tough and time-consuming for business. The absence of agreed, standard terminology for describing and defining the components of the reporting landscape contributes to this confusion and complexity. The resulting variability in the quality, quantity and relevance of disclosure may prevents the effective use of information by markets and stakeholders.

The Business Solution

The Reporting Exchange is a reference for reporters, investors, regulators and academics that connects them to reliable and helpful sources of information on sustainability reporting requirements and resources. It proposes a framework that describes the components of the “reporting landscape”. It also identifies similarities and differences. In the long term, the aim is that the Reporting Exchange will provide the evidence base to support the harmonization of non-financial corporate reporting requirements.

To find out more, visit the Reporting Exchange beta platform at