Reporting Matters

In partnership with Radley Yeldar, we have developed Reporting Matters to help improve the effectiveness of non-financial reporting.

Every year we analyse the sustainability reports of our members companies and assess them against a set of indicators. Afterwards, every member company can take advantage of an individual feedback session to learn more about how their own report fared.

We compile the overall results and publish an overview of reporting trends, showcase good practices, and provide recommendations that can drive integrated performance management.

The Challenge

Companies invest considerable money and time to produce sustainability reports, without always capturing the benefits they bring to the business. While the effectiveness of corporate non-financial reporting is improving, a lot remains to be done before reporting reaches its full potential to drive integrated performance management and better decision-making.

The Business Case

Corporate reporting landscape is increasingly complex, as different countries and organizations move to introduce new standards, revised frameworks and overlapping initiatives. We provide companies with clarity on the principles that underpin reporting standards and frameworks, and we give practical guidance on the sustainability information that should be included in a company's annual, sustainability or integrated report.

The Business Solution

Reporting Matters helps businesses realize the value of reporting by showing how forward-thinking companies use the reporting process to drive change inside their businesses. Its inspirational examples stimulate good practice sharing, and its recommendations help companies create value for stakeholders.