Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB) initiative brings together local building value chains to reduce the sector’s climate impact and energy costs.

Buildings consume a third of global energy and generate a significant proportion of CO2 emissions. EEB aims to double the annual investment in energy efficiency in buildings to US$ 215 billion by 2020.

To do so, we have stakeholders participate in a three-day EEB Laboratory to galvanize local action, which is then driven over the long-term by a local EEB platform. After piloting this approach in 10 cities, we are working with our partners to establish up to 50 platforms by 2020.


Learn about the EEB laboratory process and the progress of EEB platforms.








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Amplify 2017-2020

The Energy Efficiency in Buildings Amplify (EEB Amplify) project provides a vehicle for the private sector to engage with local governments.

A Handbook on creating dynamic local markets

This Handbook describes a market-tested, locally-adaptable methodology for collective action to drive energy efficiency in buildings at city, regional or national levels.

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The EEB Toolkit is your guide to making the business case for energy efficiency in your building portfolio

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Impact on SDGs

Buildings represent one third of final energy use worldwide and over 20% of global man-made Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Reducing energy consumption in buildings through increased energy efficiency will provide a significant contribution to ensuring the rise in global temperatures is limited to under 2°C.



Roland Hunziker

Director, Sustainable Buildings & Cities

Delphine Garin

Manager, Sustainable Buildings