Mobility 2030: Meeting the challenges to sustainability

Mobility 2030 is the final report of the WBCSD's Sustainable Mobility project. Twelve international companies – eight automobile, two oil and two large suppliers – are behind the initiative.

The report provides a vision of global road transportation covering the mobility of people, goods and services. It identifies seven sustainable mobility goals and establishes a set of indicators to help measure the effectiveness of the various options.


German: Executive Summary 357.74KB
German: Overview 603.77KB
French: Executive Summary 347.41KB
Japanese: Executive Summary 1.13MB
Japanese: Full Report 2.6MB
Japanese: Overview 1.51MB
English: Executive Summary 1.26MB
English: Full Report 1.53MB
English: Overview 913.31KB
French: Overview 913.31KB
Portuguese: Full Report 9.15MB
Portuguese: Overview 2.35MB
Chinese: Overview 1.24MB
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