Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-based Products Guide and Resource Kit


December 2012 - This is the third edition of the Sustainable Procurement Guide and Resource kit for wood and paper-based products.

This guide and resource kit is a toolbox designed to assist corporate managers to make informed choices, understand and find the best advice on how to purchase forest-based products, be that paper for printing and packaging or wood for construction, or as office furniture. 

Every single business uses wood and paper-based products on a daily basis. As demand for wood increases, and the competition for such products intensifies, business needs to take better decisions on sourcing in order to support and incentivize sustainable forest management and contribute to halting deforestation. This guide will help businesses do just that.

With latest edition, the World Resource Institute (WRI) and WBCSD continue to scale-up business action by improving customer understanding of the origin, legality, ecological and social dimensions of the wood and paper-based products they purchase and use.

The guide provides an overview of forests and their management; identifies 10 key issues underpinning procurement; consolidates a selection of effective tools, initiatives and additional resources; explains the maze of terminology used which often stand in the way of effective communication and improves transparency throughout the supply chain of wood and paper-based products.

Decisions about the purchase and use of wood and paper-based products can have extensive and long-term consequences on ecological, social and economic values of forests and forest plantations. Being able to make informed choices is imperative for all businesses in building and retaining consumer confidence in their product offerings, including the use of paper packaging or timber components.

First released in 2008, the guide has been used by a diverse group of stakeholders. In collaboration with them the guide has been revised and enhanced on a regular basis. For this edition, the focus was on updating the content, including government procurement and legality verification developments and improving ease of navigation, design and format.

The full guide and more is available here

Watch the webinar introducing the guide and resource kit


Forest Products Procurement Guide_Summary Presentation (ENGLISH) 2012 1.83MB
Forest Products Procurement Guide_Summary Presentation with voice over (ENGLISH) 2012 13.2MB
Forest Products Procurement Guide (JAPANESE) 2009 1.22MB
Forest Products Procurement Guide (CHINESE) 2009 2.48MB
Brochure Social Issues (2013) 855.01KB
Brochure Special Forests (2013) 784.68KB
Brochure Traceability (2013) 1MB
Forest Products Procurement Guide_Introduction (ENGLISH) 2012 6.1MB
Forest Products Procurement Guide (ENGLISH) 2013 10.74MB
Forest Products Procurement Guide (SPANISH) 2013 8.39MB
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