Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Implementation at the Workplace - Pledge and guiding principles

The WBCSD Pledge aims to secure appropriate access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for all employees in the workplace. Nestlé, Greif, Borealis, EDF, Deloitte LLP, Roche Group, Unilever and HCC are among businesses already pledging support. The WBCSD – which brings businesses together to create a sustainable future – is calling for more organizations to commit to its pledge. 

Peter Bakker, President, WBCSD said: “Today, over 1.8 billion people are still without access to safe drinking water and an estimated 4.1 billion lack access to adequate sanitation. This is incompatible not only with WBCSD’s Vision 2050, where 9 billion people are able to live well within the limits of the planet, but also with the United Nations’ human right to water and sanitation. There is a compelling and clear economic case for businesses to demonstrate leadership in addressing this social imperative and one of the most pressing socio-economic challenges of our times.”



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