Nestlé - mapping its way to zero deforestation

Geneva, April 9, 2013 - Together with non-governmental organization Conservation International, Nestlé has launched the 'Deforestation Guides for Commodity Sourcing' that use data from satellites to track and illustrate the areas at greatest risk of deforestation.

The new guides aim to encourage companies, governments and civil society make a concerted effort to address the issue.

With Conservation International, Nestlé developed some national level maps and analysis on deforestation and produced for a series of One-Page National Deforestation Guides, which show at a sub-national level where deforestation is occurring and provide information on context and drivers. 20 of these One-Page National Deforestation Guides are available as a public resource with the aim to help get an alignment of actions by different actors and to highlight the benefit of developing further a common set of maps and analysis that governments, companies and civil society can trust and work from. These 20 countries are ones where national deforestation rates were over 100,000 ha annually during the period between 2005 and 2010 ( based on FAO data), and that are important from a soft commodity sourcing perspective.

Nestlé recognizes that this analysis is just a start and will require more support and development. Nonetheless, the Guides produced by Conservation International can help direct work on tracking deforestation through supply chains.

Access the Guides here

Duncan Pollard, Nestlé's Head of Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainability, writes about how Nestlé is making good progress in ensuring it sources raw materials responsibly.

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