Water valuation Business case study summaries

This compendium of case studies is a companion document to the Water valuation : Building the business case publication. It illustrates how and why different companies have carried out water-related valuation studies, and is based on publicly information available.

Our special thanks go to WBCSD member companies featured in the two sets of publications, Water Valuation : Building the business case and Water Valuation : Business case study summaries : Anglo American, The Dow Chemical Company, EDF, Energias de Portugal, Hitachi, Holcim, Lafarge, Mondi, PUMA, Rio Tinto, Veolia and Xylem (previously ITT). We are also extremely grateful to BCSD Portugal, ERM, Sustain Value, US BCSD and PwC for helping us collect additional examples of corporate valuation studies and providing valuable insights.


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