WBCSD member present People Matter work in Bangalore, India

Geneva, January, 31  2012 - Ms Lakshmi Ananthamurthy, Senior Manager at PwC in India, presented the work of the WBCSD People Matter group during the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Knowledge Summit 2012 in Bangalore, India.

‘People Matter’ explores the links between human resources (HR),talent, skills and sustainable development. As business leaders increasingly recognize the crucial role employees play in driving and delivering sustainable business strategy, companies are integrating sustainability into corporate culture and fostering “sustainable development capabilities.”

To understand what this means in practice, the WBCSD's People Matter work has brought together leaders and practitioners in HR and sustainable development to share perspectives and experiences, and to develop thought-leadership on talent, skills and sustainability.

Part of the WBCSD's Business Role Focus Area with 60 companies and 15 regional networks as members, it is led by Dupont, Henkel, Holcim, Infosys, Kimberly Clark, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Business Initiative of South Africa. The companies have jointly developed  three publications exploring this issue, and compiling case studies on business good practice around skills and sustainability. The full reports and case studies can be downloaded from the WBCSD website: www.wbcsd.org/work-program/capacity-building/people-matter.aspx

During the 31st January event, Ms Ananthamurthy outlined the People Matter program and WBCSD members’ hopes that companies the world over will support their own business and their impact on society and the environment by nurturing a culture of sustainability among all employees. About 250 people attended the ‘CSR 2020’ panel session, moderated by Mr AM Muralidharan, Managing Director of Volvo India.

For more information on WBCSD’s People Matter work, please contact Suzanne Feinmann -feinmann@wbcsd.org





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