Stigson stresses need for innovation at Accenture’s first global multimedia event

Geneva, June 27, 2011 – WBCSD president Björn Stigson was a participant in Accenture’s first multimedia event called Sustainability 24. It brought together more than 40 leaders from business, local government and nongovernmental organizations to share ideas on how to embed sustainability initiatives to drive efficiencies, cost savings, and market differentiation.

In a session called “The Green Race is on: Opportunities and challenges of the new low-carbon economy”, Stigson emphasized the need for businesses to innovate and implement sustainable initiatives in order to ensure a world in which an increased population can live well and within the planet’s means by mid-century. He was joined by Mohammad Zaidi, Alcoa, and Idar Kreutzer, Storebrand, previous co-chairs of the WBCSD’s cornerstone Vision 2050 report.

The day focused on three themes:

  1. Intelligent cities and smart solutions;
  2. Growth and innovation through sustainability;
  3. Energy and resource optimization.

Sustainability 24 included twenty-four hours of activity including twelve hours of consecutive video debates with presentations and Q&As streamed to a global audience via the web. This unique format was truly sustainable – minimizing carbon footprint and leveraging the latest in collaborative technology.

Watch the session recordings on Accenture's Sustainability 24 Webpage




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