Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation

This first-of-its-kind framework enables companies to consider the actual benefits and value of the ecosystem services they depend upon and impact, giving them new information and insights to include in business planning and financial analysis.

This will support improved business decision-making by creating more alignment between the financial, ecological and societal objectives of companies. The Guide was developed through an 18-month process of close collaboration with 4 partner organizations – ERM, IUCN, PwC and WRI – and fourteen WBCSD member Road Testers.

The guide operationalizes at the company level the framework proposed by The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) initiative of the G8 Environment Ministers (2007/2010).

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Spanish: Full CEV Guide 2.22MB
French: Full CEV Guide 2.18MB
English: Full CEV Guide 1.09MB
Japanese: Full CEV Guide 4.15MB
German: Full CEV Guide 2.02MB
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