Sustainable Materials

We believe the future of the world is resourceful, and waste has no place in it. Our Materials work is all about reinventing how we find, use and dispose of the materials that flow through global markets. We create and collaborate on groundbreaking projects that can make a positive impact at scale.

Everything we do is focused on discovering innovative ways to move to the circular economy - where resources are used wisely, processes create the greatest possible value, and nothing is wasted. Our projects bring together leaders across industries, to work together to unlock the biggest opportunities in sustainability. Those that can shift the sense of what’s possible, and pave the way for a ‘new normal’ in business practices. We believe that sustainable materials are the stuff the future is made of.


Marketplace HUB

The Marketplace HUB is a tool designed to foster a sustainable use of resources through accelerating business to business reuse opportunities for secondary materials worldwide.

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Council Member Meeting 2017

16 - 20 October, 2017,
 Mexico City, Mexico

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World Circular Economy Forum

5 - 6 June, 2017
, Helsinki, Finland
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Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Materials cluster aspires to create a planet without any waste in 2050. Our cluster work program addresses Sustainable Development Goal 12—Responsible Consumption and Production and supports 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Andrea Brown

Director, Sustainable Materials

Brendan Edgerton

Manager, Sustainable Materials