Social Impact

Our work in Social Impact catalyzes business action to fuel inclusive growth. We translate the ambitions of Action2020 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into tangible business solutions. These solutions help companies implement sustainability in their core business in order to better manage risks, anticipate consumer demand, build positions in growth markets, secure access to needed resources, and strengthen supply chains.

How we are meeting the challenge

Through our business solutions we aim to:

  1. Strengthen foundations: understanding and measuring social risks and the social impacts of business operations;
  2. Capture opportunities: enabling and advancing business strategies, innovative business models and financing mechanisms for social impact.


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Liaison Delegate Meeting 2017

27 - 30 March, 2017,
 Montreux, Switzerland

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Council Member Meeting 2017

16 - 20 October, 2017
, Mexico City, Mexico
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Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

Our work in Social Impact contributes to the SDGs in many ways:

  • Inclusive business solutions provide access to basic needs, like health, education or housing;
  • Respecting human rights in business operations has an impact on reducing inequalities;
  • Measuring a company’s social capital helps assess its impact on employment and skills creation, decent work conditions and access to basic needs.