Business Learning Hub on Landscapes

Supply chain transparency and traceability are increasingly important to business sustainability. Consumers, shareholders and other stakeholders expect companies to be able to trace their supply chain all the way back to the natural resource production level, and to understand and manage the environmental and social impacts associated with each stage of the chain.

Solutions to effectively address or mitigate mutual risks, such as water scarcity, land degradation, competition for natural resources and energy, or climate change, require collaborative efforts across the landscape.

The Challenge

Pollution and overexploitation of natural resources are material challenges that cannot be solved at the required scale by individual sectors or supply chains. To overcome this situation, stakeholders throughout the landscape, including smallholders, communities, business and policy-makers, must connect and collaborate to establish long-term and coordinated solutions.

The Business Case

As the business focus expands from individual operations up to supply chains and the full production chain, landscape interventions such as corporate commitments on halting deforestation, improving water management practices and generating positive social and environmental impact are becoming a more attractive and business-relevant approach to hedge risks and harness opportunities.

The Business Solution

Despite the growing number of companies and stakeholders aiming to apply landscape approaches, implementation remains challenging and complex. While most actions need to happen on the ground, opportunities need to be created at the global level to share learning and discuss experiences.

We have joined with the Sustainable Trade Initiative, The Forests Dialogue and the Sustainable Food Lab to build a collaborative Business Learning Hub on Landscapes. It is a new way of collaborating to share success stories, learn from diverse experiences and help business transform corporate supply chain initiatives into impactful landscape solutions. Through this hub, we aim to connect companies from different sectors that affect landscapes worldwide, such as agriculture, forestry, extractives and energy.

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